1. Like any crossword puzzle, type the letters in the appropriate squares in the grid.
  2. The Players may also pause their game, if they so wish to, by clicking on the “SAVE” button and can re-start it according to their own convenience.
  3. Once the Players have finished with their solutions, they can submit their solutions by clicking on the “SUBMIT” button.
  4. Remember, once the Players click on the “SUBMIT” button, their solutions would be registered as their final submission and the same cannot be retrieved or changed.


  1. This event is open to Class VII to XII students of DPS Patna, Ludhiana, Coimbatore and Pune, run under the aegis of Takshila Educational Society.
  2. Your XWXP 2020 username will be your Admission Number and the password will be your Date of Birth. Use these to log in to play all weekly rounds.
  3. Crossword puzzle will be posted at 1100 hrs IST on www.crypticsingh.com .
  4. Crossword puzzle will be posted at 1100 hrs IST on www.crypticsingh.com
  5. You will be required to submit the solution in 45 minutes.
  6. The Player with the fastest and all correct solutions will be awarded 500 points. The scores will move in a descending order based on the time taken and correctness of the solutions.
  7. A Leaderboard of the top 50 scoring participants will be created. Two Leaderboards shall be posted, the first would be the Test-wise Leaderboard based on the scores of individual rounds; and the second would be the Overall Leaderboard based on the cumulative scores of all the weekly rounds as they proceed. The merit list of Top Ten finishers from each school would also be published.
  8. A cumulative addition of the total scores of all the Players for the XWXP test will be calculated for the Final Leaderboard.
  9. The participants are expected to use fair means. They are not expected to take the help of anyone else or Google/Thesaurus for solving puzzles.
  10. The organisers may conduct a face-to-face annotation-based online round for shortlisted participants to assess the competence level of the participants further, if so required.
  11. For any clarification, send an email to acrossquery@gmail.com


The Practice Round ahead of the intra-school XWXP contest ended at 4.45 pm on October 15, 2020. The result may be accessed on www.crypticsingh.com .

The XWXP intra-school contest on www.crypticsingh.com . will be held on October 17, 2020. Below are the key features and the step-by-step guide of the contest:

  1. It is an individual contest and not a team contest
  2. The contest will begin at 11 am and end at 11.45 am
  3. Marks will be allotted for both correctness and the speed of submission
  4. To play, a student must register for the contest through her/his school
  5. Each registered student will have to enter the username and the password to enter the contest
  6. The username is the student’s admission number and should be entered without any special characters. For example, if the admission number is D-0137-17, it must be entered as D013717 as the username
  7. The password is the student’s date of birth and should be entered in the similar fashion. For example, if the date of birth is 05-10-2005, it must be entered as 05102005 as the password
  8. A student may click on the link http://xwxp.crypticsingh.com/login.aspx . to log-in for the contest
  9. It is an individual contest and not a team contest
  10. It is an individual contest and not a team contest
We wish you an exciting contest. Good Luck!!
Good Luck!!